“It is estimated that 25% of the adult population and 40% of people over 50 in the United States suffer from a metabolic disorder.”

At Holistic Specialists we utilize the Functional Medicine revolutionary new paradigm of treatment to find the root cause of metabolic disorders and address the causing factors.

The term “metabolic disorders” does not only refer to diabetes and pre-diabetes, but also to all those medical conditions which benefits from reducing blood glucose levels to a more narrow range.

It is recognized that metabolic disorders are the results of:
  • Genetic disorders
  • Diet and Lifestyle

Metabolic disorders have different stages of progression, and proper functional laboratory testing and treatment along with beneficial lifestyle changes to normalize blood sugars will lead to a permanent solution rather than a temporary fix.

The benefits of Holistic Specialists functional medicine program include:

  • Laboratory testing to find the root cause of the disease
  • Identifying the triggers that increase your blood sugars
  • Customized programs, we treat you not the disease
  • Help so you can live a vibrant life symptoms free
  • Better overall health and vitality
  • Treatment that is completely natural

Our clinics serve Miami, Aventura and Hallandale Beach. Contact us now and we will help bring about the change you have been needing.