This disease that is called Fibromyalgia is not a very uncommon one. A study reveals that about 5 million Americans suffer from Fibromyalgia daily and have to quit work or change their means of occupation on a regular basis to combat this disease. Hence Fibromyalgia is a disease that can force you to change your lifestyle completely.

Fibromyalgia is a disease which is often associated with arthritis, but unlike arthritis it does not affect the joints only. It leaves the body in a state of constant fatigue and keeps certain part of the body like the shoulder blades or the collar bone area under constant pain. When pressure is applied to these “pain zones”, the sufferer feels immense pain, like these parts are broken or bruised, but in truth they are not and that is where Fibromyalgia comes in.

The disease is more common among women than men, in fact seven times more common and some of the effects of this disease are not only limited to pain. When suffering from Fibromyalgia, one can suffer from various other diseases and uncomfortable body conditions.

  • Depression is 50% more prominent in Fibromyalgia patients.
  • Insomnia is also more prevalent when suffering from this disease.
  • Irregular menstrual patterns and pain
  • Headaches in the morning and lack of concentration

These are just a few of the many minor consequences of suffering from Fibromyalgia. This disease is not only about pain, but a hindrance to normal life also.

Causes of Fibromyalgia:

Most scientific experiments and observations state that fibromyalgia is a disease caused by genetic, hence it was at some point prevalent in a member of the family and has been passed down. Others claim that Fibromyalgia is caused by genetics and trauma, but they are not widely accepted in medical circles.

An alternative study has recently revealed that Fibromyalgia is a disease which may be caused by an unclean gut. A remarkable claim to come to terms with, but when researched and read about extensively, it is not so difficult to accept.

The reports reveal the following:

  • Patients with fibromyalgia, 73% of them report GI symptoms for doctors to deduct the disease.
  • 37% of patients with fibromyalgia suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome which is another syndrome of the disease.
  • 50% of patients suffering from fibromyalgia also suffer from indigestion with no known causes.

Hence these sources led the doctors to come to the conclusion that fibromyalgia, this disease that had caused so many unhappy lives and discontent could indeed be caused just by one’s eating habits and excreting habits.

How to prevent this from happening to you?

  • Medicines, food, or any item that causes the gut irritation should be avoided.
  • Eating sweet potato, yam, etc. basically fermentable foods can prevent fibromyalgia.
  • It is important to treat any form of intestinal pathogens that may be present in the gut.
  • Control stress levels with different forms of meditation, rest, exercise, etc.
  • It is crucial to get 7-8 hours of sleep at night, whatever may be the problem.


If you are suffering from fibromyalgia and the symptoms are similar to this one, then it is for your benefit to follow the prevention list given here. Fibromyalgia can be fought just like any other disease and you can come out on top.