An autoimmune condition develops when substances and tissues which are normally present in the body get caught due to friendly cross fire. Autoimmune system includes within itself ulcerative colitis, crohn’s disease, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, celiac disease, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, and Hashimoto hypthyroidism and so on.

Under these circumstances they get associated by a central biochemical procedure in which the immune response which can be also be described as systematic inflammation presents in your body attack its personal tissues.

The immune system acts as defender against aggressor and always gets engaged in fighting against a toxin or an allergen or an infection or a food and in doing so somehow it automatically redirects its aggressive attack either on your brain or joints or gut or thyroid or skin or may be sometime on your whole body.

You may get surprised with the fact that most of populaces who living in developed countries get affected with autoimmune disease whereas those who are not facilitated with modern amenities such as washing machines, running water, sterile backyard or flush toilet get less affected with this disease as their body can distinguish between what is foreign and what is “you”.

The treatment for auto-immune disease

After a prolonged research on autoimmune diseases it has been that antibiotics prescribed by physicians can harm you another way and gave birth to many more troubles and harmful side effects. Hence to solve out the problem of autoimmune disease it would be advisable to you to find out the real cause underlying behind it instead of engaging yourself in suppressing the indicators with unwanted medication.

With the assistance of following few steps you could be beneficial to overcome the problem of autoimmune condition.

  1. With the assistance of your health service provider your first step would be to point out hidden infections such as viruses, yeast, Lyme, bacteria and so on.
  2. Hidden food allergens can be liable for autoimmune condition. Hence you can opt the GAPS Diet which can efficiently eradicate food allergens.
  3. Through a blood test you can check for celiac disease.
  4. Metal toxicity for example mercury or any other heavy metal can be blamed as another reason for autoimmune condition. Therefore it is always advisable to you to get checked for this.
  5. Shifting from one antibiotic to other can harm your gut. Henceforth the suggestion would be fixing your gut to get rid out of autoimmune disease.
  6. Natural nutrition would be the best possible way to overcome these circumstances. Vitamin D, vitamin C, probiotics, fish oil are natural sources to treat autoimmune disease.
  7. Incorporation of regular exercise can be natural anti-inflammatory method.
  8. To diminish daily stress deep relaxation process like deep breathing, yoga, massage are excellent options.
  9. Ask to your doctor to include Functional Medicinal way to treat you.


Give these steps a try — and see if you don’t start feeling less inflamed. The answers are right in front of you. Treat the underlying causes of your illness, do not just suppress the symptoms and you will begin to experience vibrant health once again.