An auto-immune disorder presents an abnormal challenge because your body attacks itself, instead of protecting it. Diabetes is the best example of such an affliction. It appears as if your natural systems are driving themselves to an insane race of self-destruction. You need to handle the problem with specific treatment methods restoring the lost balance of your hormones and physical makeup.

Flaws in the conventional treatments

Traditional medicines struggle to handle autoimmune issues, and the patient often has to be heavily dependent on daily pills. Conventional medicine focuses on constantly refreshing the lost cells, instead of healing the anomaly. Diabetic patients may need to take three insulin injections every day. Looking for alternative treatment plans, many seek holistic healing benefits.

Believing in healing

A specialist trained in the holistic approach will suggest changes in lifestyle, food habits, and in the understanding of the disease. Recent studies confirm that human bodies operate in a bio-feedback mechanism. This brings into perspective why it is necessary to hold healing beliefs instead of depressive thoughts. Once you can look beyond the apparent impossibility of relief, your body begins to strengthen the immunity, and restore its sanity.

A good healing process in the holistic approach is all about sending the right signals to the body. The specialist arranges this through both internal and external approaches. Internally, your hormonal balance must be restored to normality. Externally, you must adapt to a changed lifestyle to send positive signals to your body.

Visiting the specialist

Autoimmune syndromes are not entirely genetic! In fact, studies show that there is only a 50% probability that your problem is genetic. This clearly indicates that environmental factors play a key role in deciding the extent of your problem. The specialist will listen patiently to your problems, and then ask the necessary questions to interpret the full extent of the disease.

You need to describe the full extent of your physical condition, including the effects it has on your life. Just looking at the symptoms does not provide a full perspective in the matter. Unfortunately, the usual medical approach relies heavily (and almost exclusively) on the study of the symptoms and prescribing medicines to suppress them.

The language of neurotransmission

Instead of suppression, the holistic approach tries to heal your core problem. The neurotransmitter, are the agents of the body, guided by brain signals. The specialist uses this access point to help your brain receive the right signals via the perfect balance of neurotransmitters. The effects are almost miraculous. Even if you have a long history of the disease, the specialist can cure it eventually.


This comprehensive treatment method also incorporates adjustments in breathing techniques. Your breathing pattern is the direct life force you are connecting with every millisecond. It affects the entire physiology of your body. A balanced breathing pattern works with hormone therapy and lifestyle changes to deliver a subtle curing of your persistent problem. When the usual pills make you dependent, holistic healing sets you free from the affliction.