Before starting discussing regarding the role of gut Microbiome in treating autoimmune disease, you must have knowledge concerning what is autoimmune disease.

What is a auto-immune disease?

Autoimmune disease can be illustrated as a case of mistaken identity in which the immunity system of your body targets those proteins which are normal in nature depicting them as foreign invaders and lead to over activeness. In general the immunity system of your body responds when a specific pathogen occurs and it gets settle down after the pathogen gets cleared. Whereas during the period of autoimmune disease the immune system reaches to its high alert and results in chronic inflammation.

According to the experts of autoimmune disease it has been proved that presence of three essential components would lead your body to the development of autoimmune disease. These components can be portrayed as follows:

  • Genetic predisposition

Presence of this component is more prone to develop autoimmune disease.

  • A trigger

Though in most cases of autoimmune diseases a trigger remains unknown but it can be described as that particular antigen or protein component which the immune system target as a threat.

  • Increased intestinal permeability

In this circumstance the tightly knit cells of your intestine get weekend or leaky which lead to the formation of bacteria in your blood streams.

After such a long discussion on autoimmune disease now the focal point can be shifted towards gut Microbiome. Human body inhibits trillions of Microbiome within itself which lead you to healthy small and large intestine. Medical studies have proved that human body is highly intertwined with these microbes to stay healthy as well as they are induced with vital functions of human body.

Here comes another aspect which is the prime factor of out discussion that whether these guts Microbiome can be blamed responsible while treating autoimmune disease.

With the assistance of recent reviews that have been taken place, it can be stated that development of autoimmune disease highly depends on the health of gut Microbiome. Your immunity system gets affected profoundly with the changes in gut Microbiome.

Two most significant autoimmune diseases which can be termed as the consequence of the change of gut Microbiome are 1) diabetes mellitus and 2) rheumatoid arthritis.

  1. Diabetes mellitus 

Blood sugar irregularity and insulin deficiency can be depicted as the prime consequence of diabetes in your body. Researches on medical science have paved the path of understanding that microbial communities craft the environment in which the disease may acquire formation and diabetes is the result disruption of gut Microbiome.

  1. Rheumatoid arthritis 

Mostly the joints for instance wrist, hands, and knee joints get affected in this autoimmune disease. Just alike diabetes mellitus, genetic association should not be blamed as responsible in this occasion. Surprisingly bacteria that live in human mouth play a vital role to the development of this autoimmune disease.


It has been diagnosed that patients of rheumatoid arthritis suffer from severe periodontitis as well as tooth loss tendency rather than normal individual person.
The aforesaid discussion certainly leads to the conclusion that disruption of microbial organism paves the path of the development of several autoimmune diseases.