Zonulin is a type of protein that regulates the passage of hard and tight spaces between the cells of the walls of the digestive tract. The most important function of Zonulin is this. Zonulin is present is the gastro intestinal tract and can be traced when looking for the digestive system organs and parts.

The most elementary and most important function of the gastrointestinal tract is the process of digestion and then absorption of nutrients, but the functions do not end there. The gastrointestinal tract has many more layers to it and many more functions too.

The gastrointestinal tract also performs the function, when observed and researched closely, of controlling the movement and process of macromolecules between the barrier of the host and the atmosphere or environment.

The part that Zonulin plays here needs thorough explanation. Zonulin is the only modulator present in this region and almost automatically takes part in the maintenance of balance between the cells and the macromolecules.

When this portion of the intestine, the part where the Zonulin functions is perverted or some form of disorder appears here, and usually it occurs in genetically unbalanced human beings, then in the intestine can occur inflammatory and dangerous or life threatening disorders.

Most of the time this situation is called in common terms a ‘leaky gut’, and is often not a major issue and doctors too take this situation and problem lightly. The problem occurs when conditions can worsen and the leaky gut which is a common problem too, mostly among women, can lead to a serious injury or disease.

Zonulin was discovered in 2000 and since then it has played a very important role in the lives of patients with cancer and those patients who suffer for similar or various diseases. After years of observation and study it has been concluded that Zonulin is the kind of substance in our body that can lead to several disease if not regulated and moderated properly.

It is in fact more important than one might think it is and the Zonulin concentration in one’s body and the amount of Zonulin regulation that can go berserk and lead to extremely difficult situations in one’s body is very less.

Zonulin like stated above is responsible for macromolecule regulation and integration. This though, is not the only function that Zonulin has. The other functions include bloodstream flow and connection and protection against foreign microorganisms in the Zonulin region.

The main causes of increased Zonulin concentration in an individual’s body are the following reasons:

  • The extra growth of harmful organisms or bacteria that is against the nature of our body and not needed by the body.
  • Parasite infections.
  • Candida overgrowth.

Conclusion – After the discovery of Zonulin the perspective of doctors and scientist has changed in the fight against cancer and discovering a solution for this deadly disease. Zonulin is a small molecule that can never be seen with the naked eye and exists deep within in our body, but it is such an important molecule that it may just be the difference between you and cancer. The most amusing detail of this theory is that it all begins with a leaky gut.