The GAPS diet is also known as the Gut and Psychology Syndrome Diet and is a very popular diet among those that are trying to rebuild their health. It is a diet which should be followed for two years at least and should not be tampered with. The GAPS diet is helpful for every aspect of life and health and should be undertaken and followed with discipline. Many cannot last for long on this diet, but this is because they give up easily. The GAPS diet can become difficult to follow, but the rewards of rebuilding health are priceless. Here are a few problems you might face into the first week of following the diet, but also given are some of the benefits that you will receive simultaneously:

The Problems

Feeling sick

The first difficulty you might experience in your first week of GAPS diets is you might be feeling feverish, ill, a sore throat. You might feel like you are down with the flu or the common cold, but this is all part of the GAPS diet. These difficulties can continue for three to ten days, your results may vary.

Constipation problems

This will affect you a few days after you begin your diet, hence do not be surprised if it does. The GAPS diet can lead to constipation, but only for a few days as your body will soon adjust to the foods that you will be consuming and will also stop leaning to your previous diets.

Mental Fuzziness

The detoxication effect of the GAPS diet can lead to mental fuzziness or brain fog, which may result in some funny thinking, but this is purely because your body is becoming healthier than before.

High Emotion Levels

When first experiencing the GAPS diet you will feel hungry and you will want to eat all that is on the forbidden list of the GAPS diet, but do not let this feeling overcome you as it will only spoil your initiative to make your life healthier. You will get angry at yourself for choosing to follow the GAPS diet, but do not let this anger be a hindrance, instead use it in a constructive way to solve the emotional problems you might be facing.

The Benefits

No More Stomach Pain

The stomach pain that once caused you to flip side to side in your bed will now disappear and you will know what a clean belly feels like. The fermented food and clean, healthy, organic food that you will consume will lead you to a better body and no stomach problems.

No Diarrhea Problems

When following the GAPS diet, the diarrhea problems will vanish due to the clean food that you will be consuming and your frequent visits to the toilet will completely be toned down to regular and steady visits.

Better Sleep Patterns

The sleep patterns will improve when following the GAPS diet and your life will come under a better influence as the GAPS diet will always help your body stay fit and your mind stay alert. You will sleep when you need to and not feel sleepy when you do not.


Following a diet is helpful, but following a diet like the GAPS diet will improve your body problems and help you live a more fulfilling life when trying to deal with all the urban difficulties of life.