With the assistance of modern medical science researches that are being held all over the world, the fact has come in the forefront of discussion that toxicity that exists in the gut of human body is quiet capable enough to flow throughout the body inclusive the brain, of which the ultimate consequence would be the development of several symptoms of ADHD, autism, dyspraxia, schizophrenia, dyslexia, depression and many more are in the queue.

According to Dr. Campbell-McBride who is a renowned neurologist, most of the children or adults who are suffering with mental disorder difficulties are also ill from physical perspective. Hence they may also suffer from several other physical illness for instance frequent ear and chest infection, asthma, allergies to certain animal or foods or chemicals. These individuals are not capable enough to digest and absorb the food in a proper manner which certainly leads them to severe nutritional deficiencies.

The aforesaid discussion would certainly lead you to shift your concentration to another perspective. As per researches done by Dr. Campbell-McBride 80% of immunity of any individual is located in gut wall of human body. Therefore for a healthy immunity system, healthy gut flora would stand as necessity for any individual.

Medical science states that human body includes within itself near about 500 different species of disease causing, bad bacteria along with the good one in the gut. The vital role of good gut flora would be to prevent these bad bacteria from harming you.

Several conditions can be blames as responsible to wipe out the beneficial bacteria which include antibiotics, stress, infections, poor dietary schedule and intake of prescribed drugs for example contraceptive pills or steroids.

The final outcome of this procedure would be development of several allergies as well as autoimmune conditions such as chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis and finally type 1 diabetes.

In her book named Gut and Psychology Syndrome, Dr Campbell-McBride has discussed how far gut flora has the capability to affect the brain of any individual. According to her, the gut which must be regarded as a source of nourishment for human body can transform into a cauldron of toxicity if the augmentation of disease causing bacteria remain unchecked in the digestive tract. The damaged gut wall will become the source of hundreds of toxins after food enters into the gut and finally these toxins flown into the bloodstream and their final destination would be the brain of human body. The symptoms of mental disorder will develop in any individual depending on which part of the brain has got affected with these toxins.

Studies have showed that those children who are suffering with autism are born with normal sensory organs as well as normal brains. The symptoms come in the forefront after their brain get clogged as the consequences of these toxins especially when they enter in the second year of their life where breastfeeding is being stopped and vital communicative functions are ready to start.

The most surprising fact in this regard would be an infant develop these troublesome gut flora from his/her mom. Though the fact sounds very unfortunate but it’s the hard truth. In the present scenario most moms’ gut flora gets affected due to the usage of contraceptive pills. But sometime it may not all moms’ fault it can be transferred from the men as they share bodily flora with the women during intercourse and that can affect the baby profoundly.


Here rises the question that what would be the solution. To answer it diet would take the first position to begin with. With improved dietary schedule depending on the pattern of human body an individual can certainly overcome not only the mental disorder difficulties but simultaneously the physical aspects can also be treated.