Hippocrates is known as the father of modern medicine. He apparently said that all diseases start from the gut! This however is a bit of exaggeration, as one might say that genetic disorders do not began in the gut. Nonetheless, there are some metabolism related chronic diseases that definitely starts from your stomach. The diseases are related to those bacteria which reside in your gut and at times, there might be a leakage of endotoxins or products of the bacteria to the blood. This leads the immune system to attack those endotoxins, and as a result you feel a burning sensation inside your stomach. This can trigger a lot of diseases like obesity, type 2 diabetes, etc.

Inflammation and how it affects you

Generally inflammation or the burning sensation is a familiar one for everybody.  At times those inflammations can help protect your body. But not all types of inflammations are good. Some are present in your body 24×7. This is called chronic or low grade or systematic inflammation and this can be the trigger for some very serious diseases like Alzheimer among others. It is not clear though what actually causes this inflammation.

Endotoxins: how they affect you

There are a plethora of stomach bacteria, known as gut flora. Some of them are good while some really harmful for your body. They can affect both your mental and physical health. Among them there are bacteria which carry LPS or endotoxins. These are actually big molecules that can affect your immune system negatively. Basically they can leak into the human body and cause inflammation. If this symptom continues for a long period, it can also result into various disorders. Generally they leak in small quantities, but at times there can be a major leakage leading to severe fever, depression and other things.


During researches endotoxins have been injected to an animal or human body.

  • The result is an instant start of resistance towards insulin and a very rapid rise in the burning sensation in the blood.
  • It has also been found that unhealthy eating habits in human leads to this situation too. In case of ‘western’ style meal, the endotoxins increase.
  • Similarly in cases of high fat or crème rich meal shoots up the endotoxin while a low fat diet helps to keep it under control.

If you do not want this to happen to you, switch to low fat real carbohydrate diets instead of refined fat and packaged carbohydrate diets. Gluten can also lead to endotoxemia. However, at this point of time one cannot be absolutely sure as to what exactly causes this symptom in human beings. In likelihood, it is a combined effect of some food, and some bacteria present inside your stomach.


The problem then is that the actual reason behind the problem of inflammation remains unknown to us. It is in all probability an affect of the whole diet, and not just one single ingredient of it.  Thus, at this point of time your option is to eat healthy and sleep well. Foods rich in probiotic can also help. So try and eat yogurt and such other food in large quantity.