Betaine HCL can be held responsible for the improvement of stomach acid which is surprisingly seems good for your good digestion. From medical perspective it has come in the front row that incorporation of intake of Betaine HCL can be beneficial for your health if you have become a constant sufferer of low stomach acid troubles.

While discussing on the topic of intake Betaine HCL it has to be mentioned here that before plunging into this task you must gather knowledge regarding the procedures of it otherwise you may be directed towards some common Betaine HCL mistakes.

Here you are being guided with 4 common Betaine HCL mistakes which may seem to be painful for you. Hence it is advisable to be aware concerning these mistakes which are as follows:

  1. Need the proper therapy of Betaine HCL

Before plummeting into the procedure of intake of Betaine HCL you need proper consultation of your health service provider because if your system is under any kind of anti-inflammatory medication then incorporation of intake Betaine HCL can be harmful for you. Anti-inflammatory medication includes several drugs for instance aspirin, corticosteroids, indocin, motrin or advil which can damage the GI lining leading to the risk of ulcer or gastric bleeding.

The solution would be incorporation of digestive bitters which may seem to be safe for your health as well as it will have the capability of restoring natural stomach acid reproduction.

2. Betaine HCL should never be taken without pepsin

Recent market is packed up with huge Betaine HCL supplements which are dangerous to use as they do not contain pepsin within it. According to medical research your body is not capable of producing enough pepsin just alike stomach acid.

The role of pepsin is to break down the protein intakes into peptides for accurate absorption. Consequently without pepsin, intake of Betaine HCL would be wastage of your very own money and hence it will be preferable to include in your daily agenda that kind of Betaine HCL which should contain pepsin.

  1. Selection of foods while taking Betaine HCL

Selection food is essential before planning to incorporate Betaine HCL in your daily life otherwise this procedure can be painful for your health. Protein foods are liable for stimulation of stomach acid production other than any non-protein foods.

Hence to avoid stomach ache of death you need to incorporate protein enriched diet in your meal rather than including salads without proteins in your meal. Otherwise the result would be agonizing and unnecessary for your health.

  1. Appropriate dosage of Betaine HCL

Dose of Betaine HCL would be decided by your body needs. While some populaces may require higher dosage of Betaine HCL, others may demand lower dosage of Betaine HCL. Therefore identification of proper dose consulting with your health service provider is necessary to avail the actual benefits of intake of Betaine HCL supplements. Another aspect which must be discussed hereafter that you must follow the same dose of Betaine HCL after every meal to pave the path of body’s natural process.



The most important thing to consider when taking Betaine HCL is that it needs to be used carefully and be monitored by an experienced practitioner.