Digestion is a process in which your body takes in the food you swallow and breaks it into tiny molecules in the size, which can be absorbed by the body. Digestion is really a complex procedure, which is a mixture of chemical reactions and biological interfaces taking place at regular intervals along the digestive tract. It includes the upper gastrointestinal track comprised of mouth, esophagus, stomach, and duodenum and the lower gastrointestinal track comprised of small and large intestine. The gastrointestinal tract also accommodates the major chunk of your body’s immune system, which protects you against harmful elements by creating beneficial acids and good bacteria.

Factors necessary for a good Digestive System

  • Since your actually starts in the mouth, it is important to eat slowly and chew the food thoroughly so that your tongue and teeth can break it into tiny pieces with the help of salivary glands and enzymes to be absorbed by the body. Chewing your food more times than normal has many advantages; it can help you reduce your calorie intake, aid you taste the food better, helps in good digestion and you will enjoy the taste of the food better.
  • Another important factor for good digestion is to avoid the intake of processed food at any cost. The wide range of cheap processed food can cause a whole host of health troubles and these are the major causes of a lot of lifestyle diseases as well. the three main problems caused by processed foods are:
  • The body may breaks down the processed food further into one or more toxic particles.
  • The processed foods may produce unwanted biological effects due to trans fats etc.
  • The processed foods are treated as foreign invaders by the body, which may activate the release of powerful antibodies meant to fight them. This can further cause security harm to your body’s cells.
  • Digestive acids in your stomach plays the key role in digestion of the food which made it to the esophagus. The PH4 acid in the stomach works against the harmful pathogens entered through food. When you are young, the body produces enough acids to digest the food and as you age the amount of acids also reduce. As you age you may experience digestive problems like heart burn and indigestion due to the absence of enough stomach acids. Digestive supplements like enzymes, probiotics and hydrochloric acid can help you produce more acidic and favourable atmosphere in the stomach for good digestion.
  • Stay away from anti-ulcer drugs which has a reputation of helping digestion. This due to the fact that these drugs actually reduces the stomach acid production, which is harmful to the body.
  • Having optimum levels of vitamin B12 will ensure sufficient levels of stomach acid production. The absence of proper B12 absorption can cause a wide array of health issues that affect your digestive system as well.
  • In order to have an optimal level of good bacteria in your intestine, it is essential to avoid sugars and processed food as much as possible. In addition to consuming the right kind of food, supplementing on high quality probiotic products can help you serve the purpose of increasing the good bacteria.


Since the digestive system is the most beneficial mechanism in our body to fight against diseases and keep us in good health, it is vital to provide the body with best fuel and best digestive aids.