It is a common mishap – the loss of appetite, but individuals suffering from this state should not solely depend on time to produce diverse results. The steps that must be taken need not be drastic, but they need not be none either.

If you are complaining about dry skin and hair, or feel nauseated on a regular basis, these are the signs that you’re not digesting fats well. You might be the kind that doesn’t have dramatic symptoms, but you feel your digestion works on a low-fat diet. Most individuals naturally avoid fats because it makes them feel sick.

A history of following a low-fat diet, or eating fats that isn’t natural to your body, like vegetable oils, canola oil, and margarine, don’t stimulate your gallbladder to make enough. The gallbladder operation is the number one surgery performed in the United States every year, with about 700,000 people undergoing it.

Good fats keep your body fit. Bile is essential for your stool, so in some cases of constipation this is really key to resolving it. Of course natural fats are also crucial to making all of our hormones, cell membranes, and for keeping our skin soft and wrinkle-free. It is crucial to get good fats into your system.

These steps should be followed:

The natural remedy to boost your fat digestion is to drink Beet Kvass. Two to four ounces of Beet Kvass before each meal will help stimulate your bile production, and get it to the right place at the right time.

Beta-TCP will help you if Beet Kvass does not work. It acts like a strength version of Beet Kvass in a convenient tablet form. Taking two or three Beta-TCP with each meal will provide a similar effect as Beet Kvass. If you do not like the taste of beet roots, these tablets should fulfill the purpose.

Ox bile is helpful for people whose gallbladder has been removed, and is considered a requirement. The absence of a gallbladder makes your liver produce bile, but the amount secreted isn’t adjusted to the amount of fat you’re eating – there’s just a constant drip of bile into your small intestine. A recommended supplement would be the ox bile called BetaPlus, with a dose of 1-3 tablets per meal, depending on how much fat you’re eating. The dose can be individual and you’ll have to find the dose that alleviates your symptoms.


Fats are an important part of daily diet and should not be avoided at any cost. It is imperative that an individual consumes a daily dose of fat to keep himself energized and function his body properly. Fats are an essential part of daily life and to maintain a balanced diet should be consumed. It should be remembered that these are general recommendations on how to use supplements for better fat digestion and use them at your own risk. It’s always best to discuss your personal health and needs with your healthcare practitioner.