The sausage with orange is a traditional dish of Sicily which is mostly consumed in winter time.


4 Fennel Sausages
1/2 Glass of Bone Stock
6 Slices of Einkorn Bread
3-4 Oranges Sliced
Grass Fed Lard


With a needle prick the sausages, put them in a pan, place over heat and cook them for few minutes at low heat. Then add the bone stock, cover and cook for about 1 hour. If the sausages were too dry, sprinkle with a little of water. Meanwhile, peel the oranges, cut into slices and then divide them in half. In a pan, heat a few tablespoon of grass fed lard and let cook on both sides the slices of bread cut in half, pat dry and paper towels. Arrange the sausages crown at the center of the platter, around half put the orange slices and finally surrounded them with the slices of bread. Serve this tasty and fragrant dish before the sausage get too cold.