The tagliata with arugola is a dish prepared with a precise method of cooking (grill, grill or griddle) and its cut meat into strips; it is generally a sirloin or beef entrecote (or calf), at least 4-5 cm thick which is roasting not more than 5-6 minutes per side, so as to keep inside a nice pink color and all its liquid.

It is said that the inspiration for this dish was even Maximilien François-Isidore Robespierre, known French revolutionary, who was a great admirer.




2 lbs Grass Fed Beef Sirloin or Entrecote Steak

2 Cups of Arugola

1-2 Cups of Cherry Tomatoes

Parmiggiano Reggiano

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Black Pepper

Unrefined Sea Salt


To prepare the tagliata start by removing the piece of meat from the refrigerator at least one hour before, so that, when the cooking is no longer cold, but at room temperature; good heat a cast iron pot, pour a few grains of coarse salt, and recline the meat, that you will cook 5 minutes per side.

For cooking, regulator based on the thickness of the meat and the doneness you like; the best result is when the meat inside appears to be rosy but not overcooked and dry.
In turn the meat, be careful not to sting, to avoid making out its liquid. Remove the meat from the heat, let it “relax” a moment and then, with oblique cut, reduce it into slices of about a couple of inches thick .
Arrange the slices of meat on a bed of arugula, parmigiano reggiano cut in sices and cherry tomatoes, you have cut into quarters; if the cut is for you pepper according to your taste, add salt and drizzle with dell ‘extra virgin olive oil, otherwise you put all the condiments on the table and let each diner will serve as it sees fit.

To get a tagliate even more tasty, flavored extra virgin olive oil making it slightly heat in a saucepan containing a clove of crushed garlic, rosemary and a few berries of green pepper (or black); leave to infuse for a few minutes, then removed the spices and pour lukewarm on the meat, so the slices flavor without cooking them.