The tzatziki is definitely one of the best known and appreciated recipes of Greek cuisine : it is virtually impossible to go to Greece and not taste , even by mistake ,  this sauce .
Due to its very particular taste and versatility , the Greeks use the tzatziki to accompany most dishes , from fish to meat to salads to rice.
Moreover , in addition to being one of the ingredients of the gyros and souvlaki Greeks , is also a component of kebap turkish .
The origins of tzatziki , which is derived from the Turkish word cacik , are lost in the centuries and in the traditions of the ancient Greeks , to cool off on hot days , they used to mix in a jar of yogurt with garlic bread and water : the ancestor of tzatziki .
Sure is that Greece this sauce has spread into nearby areas even if under a different name : in Bulgaria is called Tarator and Iraq Djadjik.

400g Greek Yogurt
4 Cloves Garlic
3 Spring of Dill
1 Cucumber
2 Spoons Vinegar
4 Spoons of Olive Oil
Unrefined Sea Salt

First wash and grate the cucumber ( with the skin ) very roughly on the bulk of the grating: put it in a colander contents into a bowl and let drain the water of vegetation for at least 1 hour. After the time necessary to squeeze the cucumber with the back of a spoon.
Chop the garlic finely perhaps passing it in the blender or beating him in a mortar to obtain just a garlic cream. Put the yogurt in a bowl and mix with the garlic and cucumbers.
Now pour the oil and vinegar alternately stirring with a whisk or spoon. Finally add salt and add the chopped dill.