The wild sea bass with sea salt is a simple dish that takes advantages of a preparation suitable for any type of white fish. The flavor is remarkable and the dish is very easy to prepare!  Enjoy the the fish prepared in an ingredient that enhance the flavor.

2 lbs Wild Sea Bass

4 lbs Thick Unrefined Sea Salt

2 Cloves of Garlic

4 Slices of Organic Lemon

Thyme at Taste


In a baking pot, make a bed with the unrefined sea salt and place the wild sea bass previously cleaned. Place inside the belly of the fish the garlic cloves divided in half, sprig of thyme and lemon slices. Cover the fish with unrefined sea salt and bake at moderate temperature for 30 minutes (do not cook at high temperature otherwise the meat of the fish will become dry). Once ready, remove the sea salt, filletted the fish and serve it on the table. For a surprise, you can choose to open the salt crust directly on the table.