“Over 80% of the people with heart disease have normal total cholesterol, HDL, LDL and triglyceride levels. Of those 80% over 20% take lowering cholesterol medications.”

Science has changed since the cholesterol theory and we now know that cholesterol alone is not a good assessment to prevent cardiovascular disease. Thanks to the Cleveland Clinic a test is now available for heart disease prevention which goes beyond the obsolete cholesterol levels.

With the Cleveland HeartLab test we can assess:

  • Inflammatory markers
  • Cholesterol particles
  • Cholesterol quality

With this information in hand we can detect your real risk for heart disease and plan nutritional, supplementation and lifestyle change strategies to reduce your risk markers.

We use the test not only in those with high blood sugars or high cholesterol but on everybody since we focus on prevention. Our patients and athletes interested in wellness and performance perform this test periodically as part of their routine testing checkups.

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