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We bring together the best methodologies in functional medicine, clinical nutrition, sports nutrition and top quality supplements.

The Science

The concept of Metabolic Individuality demonstrates the fallacy of the “well-balanced diet for everyone” approach to sport nutrition, or the allopathic approach of giving so-called “energy foods” or utilizing specific nutrients for energy, strength, endurance, etc. The question should be: “What is a well-balanced diet for a lineman, a safety, a quarterback, a mixed martial arts fighter, or a volleyball competitor?” We can provide an answer to these questions.

The reality is: foods which build energy in one kind of metabolism can suppress energy in another. What causes one metabolism to put on fat will cause another type to lose fat. What will increase speed and reaction time in one person will diminish it in another. What enhances and speeds healing in one athlete will slow it in another one. Nutrients that stimulate aggression and high emotion in a lineman may cause lethargy, poor concentration and a loss of competitiveness in a quarterback.

Active people of any age and from any sport stand to benefit from understanding his or her own unique biochemistry. By using this knowledge to create a proper sports nutrition strategy, anyone can enhance their athletic edge.

Every aspect of athletic performance is influenced by nutrition. Proper sport nutrition for each individual’s biochemistry assures peak performance. By assuring tissue integrity, it also will maximize protection against injury as well as maximize healing and the rebuilding processes when necessary.

How We Can Help

We can provide a systematic, testable, repeatable and verifiable scientific means whereby each individual athlete’s optimal nutritional requirements can be determined.

Through the comprehensive metabolic profile test it is possible to do nutrition and supplement recommendations based on objective data.

Only by supplying each individual athlete’s body with a specific and unique “fuel supply,” can training and conditioning come to maximum fruition, talent be fully utilized, and full potential be maximized. Only then can one achieve excellence in athletics and sustain peak performance.

Both kinds and quality of food is important, i.e., those that contain the proper balance of nutrients for the individual’s requirements. Junk foods, low quality protein powders and bars being devoid of natural nutrients, provide “empty calories.” Although often pleasing to the palate, they are poor sources of energy and actually disrupt the natural balance and efficiency of the body’s energy-producing systems. Just as any intelligent person would only “feed” the proper kind of fuel to his car’s engine, so too should the intelligent athlete understand his or her own unique nutritional requirements and feed his or her body’s engines of metabolism accordingly.

Who This Program Is For

The sport performance optimization is for those athletes and teams that want only the best from nutrition, laboratory testing and want to take their career to the next level or have a longer career but is also for active people that want to get the best from their training.

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