1. Diarrhea and Its Causes

    Every one of us has suffered from diarrhea at some point in our lives. Currently, WHO declared it the second most common cause of death among children. In this article I will elaborate upon twelve main causes of diarrhea. Dysbiosis in the gut- This actually means imbalance in gut flora. As there is …Read More

  2. Dealing with Diarrhea While on the GAPS Diet

    More people have diarrhea while participating in the GAPS Diet than more people know about. However, when you initially undertake the Intro diet you are likely to have some diarrhea and it might take you by surprise, especially if you haven't ever had it before or are typically constipated. You don'…Read More

  3. Consequences Of The First Week On A GAPS Diet

    The GAPS diet is also known as the Gut and Psychology Syndrome Diet and is a very popular diet among those that are trying to rebuild their health. It is a diet which should be followed for two years at least and should not be tampered with. The GAPS diet is helpful for every aspect of life and heal…Read More