1. The Relationship Between Erectile Dysfunction and Heart Problems

    According to recent male aging studies, erectile dysfunction (ED) is a major problem among aging men. Since erectile dysfunction is closely related to different types of heart diseases, it is alarming to know that more than fifty percentage of the men above the age of 50, and more than two third of …Read More

  2. The Testosterone Therapy and Prostate Cancer Myth

    The widely studied topic on the link between male testosterone treatment and the occurrence of prostate cancer has raised several interesting facts. Men who are facing the problem of low levels of testosterone, are the ones who undergo short-term testosterone treatment (TT). Several reviews are avai…Read More

  3. Premature Ejaculation

    Do you suffer from an “inability to last longer” than you and your partner wish to? If this “inability” is a regular feature and is upsetting your personal life, you are probably suffering from premature ejaculation (PE). At least 33% men in the US suffer from PE.  However, the good news is…Read More