1. Caciucco Alla Livornese

    The caciucco alla Livornese is a traditional dish of Tuscany which is mostly consumed in spring on Sundays. Ingredients: 2 lbs Octopus 2 lbs Squid and Cuttlefish 1 lb Seafood 1 lb Dogfish 1 lb Redfish 1.5 lbs Tomatoes Tomato Sauce 1.5 Glass Fish Stock 1.5 Glass Extra Virgin Olive Oil 5 Garlic Clove …Read More

  2. Grass Fed Tagliata with Arugola, Parmesan and Cherry Tomatoes

    The tagliata with arugola is a dish prepared with a precise method of cooking (grill, grill or griddle) and its cut meat into strips; it is generally a sirloin or beef entrecote (or calf), at least 4-5 cm thick which is roasting not more than 5-6 minutes per side, so as to keep inside a nice pi…Read More

  3. Paella Alla Valenciana

    The first true Paella was born in Valencia and, as for most of the traditional dishes, fruit of the popular imagination of the peasants, poor and humble people, who worked in the countryside and in the rice fields and, at lunchtime, you gathered and prepared this dish with everything they had a…Read More