I cannot thank Holistic Specialists enough for what they did for me. *

Post cancer treatment, I wanted to do everything possible to rebuild my body in the most natural way I could. God has really led me to the people I needed for my recuperation and wellbeing. It turns out, the yoga center I started practicing at has an instructor that is a functional medicine practitioner. The staff insisted that I see him, but being the loyal person I tend to be, I didn’t want to leave my previous therapist.

During a yoga practice, a day in which I was having particular difficulty because of the fatigue I was still experiencing from treatment, the instructor approached me after class. I let her know why I was struggling. She shared her personal story of suffering from lupus and rheumatoid arthritis (I was impressed during class because I had read her bio on the yoga center’s website and her energy was amazing), and how her visit to Holistic Specialists
had her in remission.

She literally brought into the room a yoga instructor, which turn out to be the Director of Holistic Specialists. I took the advice and I am so grateful to them. Their concern is to find the source of the problems. A series of lab tests were performed that, among other things, found systemic yeast overgrowth in my body. They made changes in my diet, which was not good as I taught despite buying everything organic and prescribed antimicrobial supplements which I began taking on June 15, 2013, and by June 26th, I actually worked my first full 8 hour day in the office! By July 4th, I felt a complete clearing of the sinus problems as well as fatigue that had been chronic for so many years (and keep in mind the treatments I received for cancer also cause fatigue as a side effect). I cannot thank Holistic Specialists enough for what they did for me.

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Paula B.