Thank you for helping me! *

I had struggled with severe acne all my life and at one point, the treatment by my dermatologist was not working anymore. I started to look for the help of a professional that could solve the problem. I saw many other dermatologists and doctors, but nobody seemed could help me. I started to see herbalists, alternative medicine doctors and also skin specialists but nobody seemed to find an answer for my acne. I spent a lot of money. At the time, I was taking antibiotics regularly, birth control pill (for about 4 years), hormones, an antidepressant and topical lotions. Surfing the internet, I found Holistic Specialists and decided to begin my treatment with them. Acne was my main concern but I also had depression, constipation, insomnia, lack of energy and not able to gain weight no matter how hard I trained or how much I ate.

The treatment was not of what I expected. Instead of giving me some natural herb, I had to do blood test and several other tests to find out the cause of my acne. I had to follow a special diet based on my lab test results and take different kinds of supplements as part of the treatment. They also spent a good amount of time educating me about specific nutrition to repair my skin. It has been a process that has lasted almost 1 year but now I have no more acne and my digestion is great. I go regularly to the bathroom, I sleep like a baby, I normalized my weight and I am happy and energetic. Most importantly I am no longer taking antibiotics, birth control pills, hormones or use expensive lotions which do nothing instead I use coconut oil, eat good fats and drink lots of water instead to hydrate my skin, which is now moisture and beautiful. I am extremely satisfied with the results and the health I now have and what I learned.

I have gotten more confidence by reconnecting with myself and understanding how my body works. I love the changes and the turn around that it has given my life. It has not only been a physical change, but it has also been mental and spiritual. Thank you for helping me and teaching me to get my health back!

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Jennifer A.