Your practice has become like a friend. *

This is just to let you know how thankful I am for all the help provided at Holistic Specialists to my child. Just 2 months ago, he was getting notes from his teacher at least 2 or more times a week. His behavior was getting worse and worse. Since he was previously diagnosed with ADHD, I considered that maybe medication would be the only answer since “Behavioral Therapy” was not working. However I decided to give a chance to functional medicine that makes emphasis on identifying the causes to prevent the occurrence of the problem. Thank God I did. Today my child is in a much better place than before. Thanks to all the dietary recommendations, information, and support from your practice, my little Daniel is on his way to recover. He is a much better child. I can take him to stores now without fearing that he will run around and disappear. He has not had tantrums (at least at home…my guess is that there will not be more of those at school either). His attention span has greatly improved; and even his taste for good foods has increased.

It has been a complete change not only for Daniel but for the entire family. I used to catch colds almost every other month, but not even once since I started to follow better eating habits.

Now I have hope and want to share what that hope is with others. Thank you also for going the extra mile trying to help me and my family, taking this journey to recovery is not easy for the ones suffering financial hardships. You thought me that there is a better way besides medication. It is not easy, and it can even be more expensive than what we are used to, but our health is priceless.

I’m truly thankful because I know I’m not alone in this journey. Your practice has become like a friend that I feel confident to call in my moments of need. You always have a positive alternative to share and words of encouragement to impart.

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Ana A.