1. Far Superior

    Holistic Specialists are my holistic medicine advisors and are vested in the success of my medical outcomes. They take the necessary time to develop an action plan for my well being and helps me through it by fully explaining the process. My progress has been good and far superior to other medical doctors because their testing and action plans are much more comprehensive than other prior doctors.…Read More

  2. Holistic Specialists are amazing.

    I have Hashimoto’s disease. I had been feeling constantly tired for the last years. It was until I went to see Dr Diego, that my life changed. Even though I was eating very well and healthy, I was very anemic. He got to the root cause of my anemia and within a month I started feeling myself again, full of energy! I strongly recommend them. Dr. Diego is amazing!…Read More

    Ana Q.
  3. Testimonials

    * Testimonials appearing on this website are received in various forms via a variety of submission methods. The testimonials reflect the real life experiences of individuals who used our products and/or services. However, individual results may vary. We do not claim, nor should the reader assume, that any individual experience recounted is typical or representative of what any other consumer might…Read More

  4. I cannot thank Holistic Specialists enough for what they did for me. *

    Post cancer treatment, I wanted to do everything possible to rebuild my body in the most natural way I could. God has really led me to the people I needed for my recuperation and wellbeing. It turns out, the yoga center I started practicing at has an instructor that is a functional medicine practitioner. The staff insisted that I see him, but being the loyal person I tend to be, I didn’t want to…Read More

    Paula B.
  5. I made a HUGE change. *

    I have Lupus & Rheumatoid Arthritis. I have 4 children and I work from home (full-time), I founded the first yoga studio in Aventura, FL and have practiced and taught for 13 years. That’s where I met Diego Rutenberg, Holistic Specialists clinic director. I believe I was his first yoga teacher and I have never been more proud of a former student in my life. I am also proud of myself for havin…Read More

    Carla B.
  6. I cannot thank you enough. *

    I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis 10 years ago and have suffered from knee pain for many years. I was recommended to see Holistic Specialists by my gastroenterologist to improve my symptoms. Holistic Specialists have been so good to me, they showed so much care. After several tests, they gave me a natural treatment and a specific diet. After one month I started to feel more energy, my knee p…Read More

    Robert J.
  7. I feel great. *

    I was diagnosed with metabolic syndrome and my numbers in the blood work were not getting any better, especially my inflammatory markers. I did everything possible: went to several doctors, naturopathic doctors and the dietitians at the hospital but I had no improvements. After 6 weeks in the treatment with Holistic Specialists all my numbers dropped and now I no longer need to take medications. I…Read More

    Loredana R.
  8. I will be your patient for long time!! *

    I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 20 years ago. I managed to keep it under control with insulin injections, exercise and diet. I went to Holistic Specialists because they were recommended from a friend of mine. Apart from my regular test, they run a specific test to check for inflammation and the quality of my blood. Thanks to the diet I was given and few supplements I was able to lose weight, …Read More

    Marco R.
  9. After 6 short weeks I lost 30 lbs. *

    When I went to Holistic Specialists apart from being type 2 diabetic, my numbers looked pretty bad. After a set of tests, I was given a strict diet and lifestyle change recommendations including exercise, sleep and stress reduction. After 6 short weeks I lost 30 lbs, all my numbers are within normal ranges and my triglycerides went from over 700 to 119 for the first time in my life. I have no word…Read More

    Stephen S.
  10. I cannot thank you enough. *

    I have a daughter of four years old, Luciana which was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis when she was three. We went to several gastroenterologists because my daughter was bleeding and getting worse and the medications were not working. We also tried several holistic practitioners and all kinds of diets but nothing seemed to work. We finally found Dr. Langshaw which reccomended us to see Holistic …Read More

    Lorena F.