1. I cannot thank you enough for all you did for me. *

    I have had Crohn’s Disease for over 30 years and since then when I go out I have to make sure that there is a bathroom close by. The medication control my disease but my quality of life was very poor. I also had constant pain in my right hip and I am a prostate cancer survivor. I went to see Holistic Specialists because it was reccomended to me by a friend. The staff of the clinic, the doctors a…Read More

    Roger B.
  2. You changed my life! *

    I had been suffering with acid reflux for many years and have been taking an acid blocker for the past 20 years. I was feeling full with a heavy stomach all the time and I was extremely tired. I was referred by Holistic Specialists by my cousin. When I met with them it is nothing I would expect from an alternative medicine clinic. They ran blood work, a stool test and another test to see if I had …Read More

    John R.
  3. Thank you for helping me! *

    I had struggled with severe acne all my life and at one point, the treatment by my dermatologist was not working anymore. I started to look for the help of a professional that could solve the problem. I saw many other dermatologists and doctors, but nobody seemed could help me. I started to see herbalists, alternative medicine doctors and also skin specialists but nobody seemed to find an answer f…Read More

    Jennifer A.
  4. have recommended you to all my friends and family members. *

    I have been suffering of depression, anxiety and sleep problems all my adult life. The medications kept everything under control but I was always tired and drowsy, I felt like I was drugged. I decided to take control of my health and among all the practitioners I called, I found Holistic Specialists to seem the more caring and knowledgeable. They did run some test, blood work and a special test to…Read More

    Alexandra J.
  5. I thank you with all my heart. *

    I have a son which is six years old, Marco. Three months ago I didn’t know what I was going to do with my son. He was getting lots of notes in school and he was angry. I knew I had to get my Marco back! I would stay on his bed every night to sleep in tears whispering," come back to me Marco." I promised myself that if I ever had the answer, was my due as mother to do it no matter how hard! I too…Read More

    Sarah M.
  6. Have a positive attitude towards life and my belly is gone!! *

    I was feeling tired all the time. I was depressed and had no motivation to exercise because I was getting fat on my stomach. When found out I had low testosterone at my doctor office, I started to look for a natural alternative. I found bio identical hormones, but all the clinics I visited did a lab test and an injection, that was it. I was actually looking for a place that would take care of my o…Read More

    Luis M.
  7. I feel as good and happy as I have not in years! *

    I went to Holistic Specialists because I had low energy and loss of interest in sex. After checking my blood work they found out I had low testosterone. Instead of putting me straight on testosterone therapy, they explained to me that low testosterone is the result of poor lifestyle choices beyond age. Apart from the hormone replacement which made me feel better in a matter of days, we established…Read More

    Marc M.
  8. In just 4 weeks, I lost 20 lbs and I feel amazing!!! *

    I went to Holistic Specialists because I was given testosterone and I still did not feel well and had low energy. They told me that the dosage I was given of testosterone was good, but my estrogen levels were too high. As a results they gave me something for it. I also told them I wanted to lose weight and feel better. They gave me a treatment to stimulate growth hormone naturally and after few bl…Read More

    Arthur R.
  9. After just 2 months I reached my goal weight. *

    I decided to lose weight 6 months ago so I joined a gym and started to eat healthy. I lost weight but then I reached a plateu and could not lose any more weight. I hired a trainer 3 times a week but my weight did not go down. I found Holistic Specialists online and I set up an appointment with them. I immediately find out that I was not eatying as good as I taught, they explained me the important …Read More

    Natasha B.
  10. Thanks Holistic Specialists for helping me make a positive lifestyle change! *

    Two years ago, I was diagnosed with a medical condition which forced me to start taking steroid medications, and I began to gain weight. I gained about 60 pounds and felt very unhealthy and ugly. As a police officer, I have to get in and out of cars very fast, and my back would always hurt me and had hard time to get out of the car. I needed to make a change and after searching over the internet I…Read More

    Marisol M.