1. I have lost 50 pounds. *

    I have struggled to maintain an ideal weight most of my life. For over 20 years I served in the Army, and I used to run marathons. After retirement, I stopped running, my weight began to increase every year. I tried several different approaches to weight loss, including several well-known popular programs that you see on TV. Each allowed me to lose some weight, but I found the weight returning bac…Read More

    Ivan S.
  2. I am so happy the way my skin and nails look. *

    I went to Holistic Specialists with good eating habits but wanted to improve my energy leves, skin and nails but most importantly feel good. After the laboratory testing, I begun my nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle changes program and after just 10 days I had so much energy that I did not know what to do with me! I now go back to Holistic Specialists for regular check up and all my health …Read More

    Amanda B.
  3. After just 1 week I was able to sleep. *

    I always had sleeping problems but in the last year they were under control that not even the sleeping pill would help me to rest. I went to Holistic Specialists because they were recommended to me by a friend. After the neuro transmitters testing I began my nutrition and supplement treatment and after just 1 week I was able to sleep seven hours straight through the night without the sleeping pill…Read More

    Monica D.
  4. I did not know how good I could feel. *

    I want to thank you for what you did for me. I take no medications, eat healthy and take many supplements and do Cross Fit but I was feeling tired all the time. After initial testing it came out I was lacking of fats in my diet, I was overtraining, taking many supplements I did not need and that I had mild adrenal fatigue. After implementing the nutrition, supplements and lifestyle strategies I wa…Read More

    Roger S.
  5. Your practice has become like a friend. *

    This is just to let you know how thankful I am for all the help provided at Holistic Specialists to my child. Just 2 months ago, he was getting notes from his teacher at least 2 or more times a week. His behavior was getting worse and worse. Since he was previously diagnosed with ADHD, I considered that maybe medication would be the only answer since “Behavioral Therapy” was not working. Howev…Read More

    Ana A.
  6. Thank you so much for your amazing work and the care you showed! *

    I have been keeping an eye on my daughter Luisa since she was 4 months old, she had no interest in anything rather than nursing and she was screaming at night. When she was old enough, I took her to several specialists and I had a diagnosis of Autism. I needed to start intervention as soon as possible in order to give her the greatest chance for a full recovery. Searching over the internet I found…Read More

    Amanda F.
  7. Thank you so much Holistic Specialists to give this joy to my family. *

    My son had a very aggressive behavior and could not stay still and used to scream for no apparent reason. After taking him to the doctor he was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder and they recommended me to use a medication. I told Dr. Carothe psychologist that I did not want to medicate my child, so she recommended me to see Holistic Specialists which luckily I did. They run blood work, few…Read More

    Katrina A.
  8. Thank you Holistic Specialists to give me my life back. *

    I thought my case to be UTI free was imposible to resolve. Since 5 years old in my native Cuba, my mother recalls taking me to the doctor with burning urination and urgency. Over many periods of my life I totally forgot about it and truly believe that my illness was resolved and cured. My burning came back recently and this time stronger than ever. After reviewing in detail my clinical history as …Read More

    Lealtad D.
  9. Thank you so much Holistic Specialists for your help and encouragement! *

    I have been on antibiotics for the last year to control my UTI but the medication is no longer working. My urologist, Dr. Bianco reccomended me to see Holistic Specialists. I set up an appointment and after reviewing my blood work they reccomended me to do a stool test and they found an infection and lots of inflammation in my gut. They gave me a natural remedy to fight the infection but at the sa…Read More

    Ruth B.
  10. I have no words to express my gratitude for all your help. *

    I went to see Holistic Spcialists under reccomendation of my urologist, Dr. Gheiler and I am so glad I did that call. My prostate was enlarged and I had pain when I had to go to the bathroom. After the lab tests I begun my treatment and after one month the inflammation went down, my numbers looks normal again, I lost 15 lbs and the Doctor told me the prostate is almost of normal size. I have no wo…Read More

    Spencer G.