1. The result was a very successful running season! *

    As competitive runner, working with Holistic Specialists did wonders for my racing, as nutrition has always been a missing piece for me. By becoming more fat-adapted, using top quality supplements and focusing on quality foods for every meal, I was able to train my body to draw on its own reserves during long events, and need much less of the simple sugary foods I always struggled with. My recover…Read More

    Loren B.
  2. Good luck on your journey! *

    I have always exercised and eaten what I considered to be a healthy diet however, I did not have the energy that I wanted, bloating after eating. For this reasons I went to the doctor first and them to an alternative medicine doctor and all I got were pills. I decided to look further until I found Holistic Specialists. I read all their website, the background of the health care providers, the serv…Read More

    Rossana R.
  3. I am confident that I will have a very successful career! *

    I went to see Holistic Specialists under advice of my dad who is a sport coach and knew about them. As professional soccer player my coaches all they had me to eat was lots of rice and pasta but I was feeling tired and I wanted to improve my performance. I never used creatine before because I taught it was bad for you. When I went to the clinic, they run several tests on me, they customized my die…Read More

    Tomas F.
  4. Helped me to identify my digestive issue.

    Dr. Diego has been very professional and informative with his line of work. He has helped me to identify my digestive issue and create a plan to help restore me gut health along with candida/fungal overgrowth! Truly a blessing to have met him.…Read More

    Paulette U.
  5. You changed my life!

    I had been suffering with acid reflux for many years and have been taking an acid blocker for the past 20 years. I was feeling full with a heavy stomach all the time and I was extremely tired. I was referred by Holistic Specialists by my cousin. When I met with them it is nothing I would expect from an alternative medicine clinic. They ran blood work, a stool test and another test to see if I had …Read More