Smelly, cloudy, colored urine, blood in the urine and discomfort…if this describes you, then you could have a bladder infection!

Bladder infections are one of the most common health conditions that affect millions around the globe. There are several types of bladder infections; while some are mild, others are of a more serious nature. Studies have shown that women are more likely to suffer from the infection than men. A bladder infection can lead to several other health issues.

If you suspect that you have a problem with your bladder, you must visit Holistic Specialists immediately. A simple urine test will reveal if you have the infection and the best solution to treat it.

Often people tend to ignore the symptoms of a bladder infection, and that’s where it gets serious. If not diagnosed in time, it could lead to severe ramifications, including kidney damage in men and uterus damage in women.

Antibiotics don’t work

When suffering from bladder problems, most people visit their physician and take antibiotics. However, antibiotics do not work at the root cause of the problem; they only kill the bacteria currently present in the bladder but do nothing to stop its recurrence. Therefore antibiotics, at best, will give only temporary relief from the problem. Also, antibiotics kill the good bacteria along with the harmful ones, thus seriously compromising the bladder health in the long run.

The holistic approach

At Holistic Specialists, our experts take several things into consideration while deciding upon a treatment plan for the patient. The doctor will examine the bacterium that is causing the infection and the overall health of the individual before prescribing any medicine.

The treatment plan for you might include oral medicines, natural products, or even a combination of both for the best results.

Natural options
Based on the results of your urine sample, our medical experts will decide on the course of treatment. The treatment will include:

Diet plans

Some natural treatment choices include anti-inflammatory foods, baking soda, vitamin C, and avoiding all those foods which feed offensive bugs. These will flush out your bladder and ease minor discomfort.


It is important that a person who is infected drink a lot of water during the treatment period. This is crucial to help flush out the toxins and the harmful bacteria from the body.

Antimicrobial herbs

These herbs will clean the bladder without causing any side effects. They work to eliminate only the harmful bacteria, keeping the good ones intact.


For severe infections, you will be prescribed probiotics to reinstate the bacteria in the bladder and prevent future bacteria attack.

If you are prone to repeatedly suffering from bladder issues, you will need to find a plan that does more than simply remove the symptoms; it should decrease the chances of recurrence. You must keep in mind that if not treated at the right time and in the proper manner, a bladder infection can lead to other serious health issues.