Understanding candida treatment and symptoms

Anxiety, sleepless nights, headache and a sweet tooth…no, you are not in love…this could be candida!

Candida is a kind of yeast that is naturally found in the mouth, intestinal tract, skin, vagina and rectum. An overgrowth of the yeast could cause problems and result in a condition known as Candidiasis. When it comes to choosing a of candida treatment method, there are many factors to be considered.

The factors that can trigger overgrowth of the yeast include poor diet, immune system, stress, excess usage of antibiotics, steroids, alcohol and toxicity. All these factors have the potential to create an imbalance in the percentage of microorganisms in the intestinal tract.

Systemic Candidiasis

If you suffer from systemic Candidiasis, the yeast fungi release micotoxins that affect various body parts. There is no uniformity in the way different patients are affected by this type of candida. For example, the condition may trigger acne in one patient and arthritis in another, and even heart disease in another patient. The micotoxins created by candida could cause many other different types of illnesses.


If you notice a combination of 2 or 3 of the following symptoms, you must turn to Holistic Specialists for candida treatment:

  • Headaches
  • Sleep problems
  • Depression
  • Anxiety or panic attacks
  • Sexual problems
  • Cravings for sweet food, pickles and vinegar
  • Metabolic syndrome
  • Acid Reflux or heartburn
  • Constipation
  • Rectal itching
  • Fungal infections of the nail or skin
  • Always dilated pupils
  • Skin problems such as psoriasis, rashes or eczema
  • Allergies or asthma
  • Recurrence of infections
  • Fatigue
  • Joint or muscular pain
  • Premenstrual syndrome in women
  • Infertility in females
  • Miscarriages
  • Endometriosis


Holistic Specialists provide proven candida treatment for patients suffering from mild to severe Candidiasis. Our experts study each individual case history and symptoms, and suggest comprehensive treatments using herbs and natural elements to eliminate the root problems with candida.