Having troubles to urinate might mean that you have enlarged prostate. A new system has been developed to reduce it, claims an MD of the University of Sao Paolo. The procedure is known as PAE or prostatic artery embolization.

How does the PAE system work?

The latest study on PAE shows how the system works. Here are some important points on PAE:

  • This study was conducted on about 150 men who had the problem of the urinary tract
  • The success was calculated International Prostate Score level, where 8 was considered a success. Most men started with a score of 20
  • In this process specific arteries are blocked which provide blood to prostate
  • The follow up time was fixed as 2 years but some people did not do the follow up before 6 years
  • As per the study the PSA level related problems became half
  • No serious complications were noted
  • This treatment is useful for people who have bigger arteries in general.

A doctor explains his views on this treatment:

 Lower urinary tract infection manifests itself through various symptoms such as, problems in urinating, pain during it, walking up at the midnight to urinate, increased urgency in urination etc. these are usually signs which tell you that you have an enlarged prostate, and these conditions mainly found in men over 60 years of age. Men who have crossed the 78th year, are highly susceptible to this condition. It is not abnormal to have an enlarged prostate, but this can affect your lifestyle in various ways. A lot of people in this condition go to take medical advice. They often are put under the knives.

Since this is a very new development, writes the doctor, it might not be that popular in America as yet.  New ideas often do not reach the experts in time. The doctor is of the opinion, that in this case the patient can help his medical practitioner by asking them relevant questions and making them aware of the new treatment, which in this case is the PAE.

Take care of yourself:

 If you happen to suffer from and enlarged prostate, you need to take care of yourself, with or without PAE. Even if you seek the help of the newest discovery in medical world you need to be careful of certain things. You need to maintain an ideal weight, exercise and take a proper natural supplement. PAE is at the time not supported by the FDA but you can opt for it since the treatment could be availed at out of pocket expenses. The cost of this treatment in America is something between 6,000 to 15, 000 dollars.


In the end, you should note that if you suffer from prostate enlargement and related problems, it is mandatory for you to seek the opinion of a medical expert. Also you can suggest him the PAE procedure, but since it is a new one, he might not be familiar with this.