Large numbers of people are suffering from lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) which may be mild or severe and has a significant effect on the daily life activities.

Features of LUTS:

  • Urinary urgency- The immediate need to urinate is seen in approximately 8%. This is also seen in people with uncontrolled diabetes, hyperthyroidism, alzheimer’s disease, cerebrovascular accidents (CVA) and parkinson’s disease.
  • Stress incontinence – increases abdominal pressure like coughing causes leakage of urine is seen in approximately 7%. This symptom becomes more prominent due to effects of repeated pregnancy, multiple childbirths and menopause.
  • Nocturia- Need to urinate at time is seen in approximately 6%
  • Dribbling following urination is seen in approximately 6%
  • Urgency incontinence- Leakage of urine even before reaching the toilet is seen in approximately 5%.

These problems are more common in women. Men especially elderly men suffer from dribbling and slowing of urine stream. Overall urge incontinence was voted as the most discomforting problem to the women. For men post-micturition dribble was rated as the most bothersome problem. The most common cause of the urinary symptoms in men is an enlarged prostate gland. Average frequency of micturition is about six to eight times daily. It can be vary depending on the water intake.

5 natural steps to keep you away from urinary problems:

If urinary symptoms are interfering with your daily life activites and hobbies then the following steps should give positive results:

  1. Kegels excercise: Kegel exercise is done by pulling your pelvic muscles up and holding them up tight and high for few seconds. This increases the strength of the pelvic muscles and might be useful in people suffering from urinary frequency.
  2. Diary to keep a track of bathroom habits:Pay a visit to the loo at regular intervals to avoid any embarrassment. If the initial time interval works out well then you can increase the time interval gradually. In this way you can train your bladders.
  3. Chiropractic maneuvers:Several research studies have revealed osteopathic manipulative regimens equally beneficial as the pelvic floor muscle training by kegals exercise.
  4. Restricting Fluid intake:Nocturia can be controlled to some extent by preventing fluid intake three to four hours before bedtime.
  5. Enlarged Prostate:Majority of males above the age of 50 suffer from prostate enlargement. Some show mild enlargement which can be managed conservatively but some show severe enlargement and even malignant change which has to be managed operatively. Men should undergo physician’s consultation if any such symptoms occur.
  6. Coffee, tea and alcohol: These are natural diuretics though much milder than the prescribed diuretic drugs but for somehow suffering from a leaking bladder these can surely be a cause for concern. So intake of these beverages has to be reduced.


These urinary problems bring a lot of embarrassment and mental stress to people suffering from them especially women. So you must not ignore even the early indications and immediately begin practicing the above mentioned six steps which can naturally improve the condition.