Do you suffer from an “inability to last longer” than you and your partner wish to? If this “inability” is a regular feature and is upsetting your personal life, you are probably suffering from premature ejaculation (PE). At least 33% men in the US suffer from PE.  However, the good news is PE is not an incurable disease.

Ask yourself if the below symptoms describe you:

  • You always ejaculate within one minute of intercourse
  • You are unable to delay the ejaculation process on all occasions, including masturbation
  • You are stressed about ejaculating sooner and therefore avoid sexual encounters

If the above describe you, you must seek help from reputed doctor because PE could actually have deeper roots.

You may be:

  • At the onset of erectile dysfunction
  • Having an underlying medical condition such as heart problems which result in early ejaculation
  • Taking medications that alter the brain’s messaging system, thereby resulting in PE
  • Under emotional, physical or social stress- Say you are in hurry, feel guilty or intercourse reminds you of something unpleasant in your life.


Based on your individual condition, our experts combine a variety of treatments, such as hormone therapy when needed, balancing blood sugars and key nutraceuticals to restore optimal function, while for short term results we prescribe special topical creams which accelerate circulation. Our therapies will get you back on track quickly, before the disease takes over you and becomes life-altering.