The latest phenomenon that is hitting the news wires is that selenium profoundly plays role to the increasement of the risk of prostate cancer.

But before starting the discussion regarding the relation between selenium and prostate cancer, knowledge should be gathered on what is selenium.

Hence here you are being guided with a brief knowledge concerning selenium.

What is selenium

Selenium which is a trace mineral, human body inhibits from different kinds of plants especially Brazil nuts as well as in different forms from animal sources. Three forms of selenium are being labeled which plays important role in cancer prevention researches. These are: seleomethionine, selenocysteine and mythyl-selenocysteine.

Now it’s time to focus on the function of selenium which can be discussed hereunder:

  1. Selenium assists production of glutathione which is regarded as a powerful anti-oxidant to prevent your body from the risk of cancer.
  2. Balance of thyroid hormone is profoundly controlled by selenium.
  3. Plays as an anti-oxidant on its own.

Finally the moment has arrived when the discussion should be carried on the relation between selenium and prostate cancer. Surprisingly it has been witnessed with a profound study on this relationship that intake of selenium through your regular dietary schedule amounting 159 mcg/day may lower the risk of prostate cancer in any individual whereas the result would differ if the amount of incorporation of selenium in your dietary schedule decrease to 86 mcg/day.

Study has proved that any individual who inhibits lower level of selenium are four to five times prone towards the development of prostate cancer though the consequence will be in reverse mode if the level of selenium move upwards.

According to a study carried by Dr. David McCormick in 1999, it has come into the fore front that seleomethionine supplement which is one the important component of selenium is not capable enough to prevent prostate cancer.

Whereas another study which took place in 2003 stated that high selenium yeast can effectively heal the DNA damage.

Lastly another analysis that occurred in 2011 clearly portrayed that selenium supplements have the capability of reducing al patterns of cancer including prostate cancer by 24%. The result may increase upto 36% if the level of selenium baseline remains lower in any individual.

Another clinical study which has profound impact on the relation between selenium and prostate cancer is The Nutritional Prevention of Cancer Trial showed the efficiency of selenium in reducing prostate cancer.


After discussing on the topic of interrelationship between selenium and prostate cancer it can be concluded that selenium is highly liable to reduce the risk factor of prostate cancer. But here arises another aspect which states that consumption of selenium supplement without gamma-tocopherol vitamin E would not be beneficial form your end. It has been found that selenium can act as preventive factor for prostate cancer only when gamma tocopherol vitamin E level remains high in the system. Furthermore addition should be done hereafter that advantage of selenium would be available only when human body will avail it in the form of yeast rather than seleomethionine form.