There are new studies out that are suggesting that having a deficiency in Vitamin D and a more aggressive form of prostate cancer are linked, especially in American-European men and a higher level in African-American men. Men should consider taking a supplement of Vitamin D3 and African-American men should take a dose somewhere around 2000 units every day.

Study details
There are many details that the study provides about the links and the effects on various men of different ages and races. 

  • 273 African-American men and 275 American-European men had been in the study, which lasted from 2009 and ended in 2013.
  • All of them were between the ages of 40-79 and had undertaken an initial biopsy of the prostate after a digital rectal examination or DRE or an abnormal PSA or prostate-specific antigen.
  • In each group 168 of the men had been diagnosed to have prostate cancer. The levels of 25-hydroxyvitamin D in the men was measured and the normal is somewhere around 30-80 ng/ml or nangograms for each milliliter. Those with the lower level of the vitamin had a more aggressive form of the cancer.

This showed that the men with a lower level of the vitamin D ended up with the more aggressive forms of the prostate cancer and that the African-American men were 4 1/2 times more likely to get it than the American-European men, who had a chance of 3 1/2 times.

How to get vitamin D levels up
There are many different ways to get your vitamin D levels up and they are extremely simple. First off, make sure to take a daily supplement of vitamin D3 with your meals and the minimum dose that should be taken is 2000 units, but the final dosage would depend on blood test results and the size of the person. A supplement is not very expensive and there aren’t any issues regarding manufacturing and it is frequently recommended by doctors everywhere.

 Also, you can simply take in some rays of sunshine every day. This is one of the best ways to keep your vitamin D levels up, but you shouldn’t use this as the sole way because you won’t get enough. You need to spend a minimum of 30 minutes outside in the sun every day exposing your entire body and maybe longer during the winter months when the sun isn’t out that much.

A third way is to consume Vitamin D3 rich foods such as egg yolks, chicken liver, salmon, cod liver oil and full fat raw dairy. The vitamin D2 is another form of  vitamin D which is found in plants but is poorly bioavailable in humans.

Not only does vitamin D linked a more aggressive form of the prostate cancer, but it is also linked to keeping the heart healthy and free of disease, lower risk of cancer and a decrease in other causes of death. Also, it might help some of the elderly people who have more brittle bones and have a low level of Vitamin D to prevent breaking bones from any falls. However, vitamin D2 wasn’t shown to have any effects on mortality at all.


Make sure to eat vitamin D rich foods daily or take vitamin D3 supplements to keep the deficiency away, which will help keep you in general good health overall.