Before plunging into the discussion, knowledge should be acquired concerning prostate. Prostate can be termed as a small gland which persists in men and it is one of the essential parts of men’s reproductive system. Classically a healthy human man persists with a walnut sized prostate which rests below the bladder and in front of the rectum. The main function of a prostate in your body is to help man to make semen, which assist to carry sperm from the testicles at the time of ejaculates.

After the age of 60 most of the men suffer from sever problem due to enlargement of prostate. According to medical science extreme inactivity or activity can have great impact on the size of prostate though you may not reach the age of 60. Hence it can be accumulated that prostate gland of your body loves moderation.

According to the estimate of World Health Organization the world will comprised with over two billion men whose age will be above 60 by the year of 2050. Consequently this increasement will give birth to the risk of enlarged prostate which is also termed as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).

BPH should be treated as a situation in which the sufferer may experience difficulty and frequent urinating problem. Though this situation should be stated as normal but yes this condition is certainly very common among men.

Factors responsible for BPH

Most important factors which are highly liable for BPH condition in any man are dieting schedule, sedentary time, physical activity, metabolic syndrome and obesity. These factors can be categorized as those factors which can be controlled by you as these depend on the lifestyle you have chosen. There are certainly others factors such as ageing process, genetics, geographical environment which are beyond your control.

Relationship between activity and benign prostatic hyperplasia

Researchers have found that activity and benign prostatic hyperplasia is highly intertwined with each other. Low to moderate physical activity will be highly beneficial for you to keep away yourself from the effects of benign prostatic hyperplasia.

Studies have proven those men who spend more time in watching television on couch are prone to the prostatic problem inspite of indulging into daily exercising schedule.

Occupational as well as recreational activities are highly liable for prostatic problem in most of men. According to the medical studies those men who are involved in strenuous activity due to their occupational pattern such as farmers, construction workers can prevent BPH symptoms upto 30% to 40% than those men who are engaged with desk work. From recreational aspect the result has proved to be same.

Simultaneously another explanation persists, according to which extreme physical activity may assist you to reduce testosterone which is liable to control prostate growth and pave the path of symptoms of BPH.
Hence while wrapping up the discussion it can be affirmed that moderate exercising which include daily exercising schedule for half an hour would surely be beneficial for healthy prostate.


Depending on the opportunity you have, you may engage yourself in jogging or using treadmill or swimming or bicycling. Exercising with moderate pace is safe for every person irrespective of their age.