According to recent male aging studies, erectile dysfunction (ED) is a major problem among aging men. Since erectile dysfunction is closely related to different types of heart diseases, it is alarming to know that more than fifty percentage of the men above the age of 50, and more than two third of men above the age of 70 are suffering from ED.

A latest review in European Heart Journal suggested that ED is directly connected to heart diseases. According to this study, in people who suffered from ED, the occurrence of cardiovascular events were 44% more and heart attack was 62% more expected.

Reasons of ED and Cardiovascular Events

While you are doing any physical activity, the arteries are opened due to the Nitric Oxide (NO) and it also plays a key role in sexual activity as well. It aids to widen the arteries in the penis which let the blood flow in and sources an erection. So, in the absence of NO, the arteries would not open as normal and plaque starts forming on the artery walls. This plaque forms on the walls of the arteries can point to various heart problems like heart attacks and strokes. Since the erection is solely depend on active arteries, an erect penis is an indication of a healthy heart.

Chinese medicine backs the relation between heart and penis

According to Chinese medicine, the heart channel is directly related to the kidney channel inside the Shao Din Channels. It is further linked to the kidneys via Du Mai and Den Mai, both of which have major role in sexuality and sexual desire. Hence, in the area of men’s sexuality, the heart has a key role impacting many of the sexual functions.

Indications and precaution measures for ED

  • Owing to the direct link between the heart and penis, consistent and regular erections are an indication of a healthy heart. It is also important to remember that ED can be caused due to other reasons too, apart from heart problems. If you are suffering from ED and the reasons are not related to anxiety or other physiological issues, then it is advisable to be cautious about your lifestyle.
  • What is the indication of a healthy penis?  You should have 3 to 4 morning erection a week if you are not sexually active. An average man generally experiences three to five erections, during regular REM sleep each night. Certainly, it should not be troublesome under normal circumstances to achieve an erection, which leads to sexual activity. Thus, ED is strong indicator of upcoming heart problems, especially in young men.
  • Reducing the intake of processed food and doing regular exercise can do wonders in resolving metabolic syndrome. In order to provide adequate NO to your body you can have extra L-Arginine from animal protein and nuts. It is advisable to include L-Citruline as well, which is a nutrient that creates more L-Arginine in the body than L-Arginine itself and has proved to enhance sexual function. Endothelial dysfunction can be reduced with the help of eating pomegranate and taking Resveratrol.


With timely changes in the lifestyle advised by your doctor can take you a long way in resolving the present ED issues and hence forthcoming heart problems.